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Fund Raising

We raise investment financing for viable ventures through our funds and extensive network of investors.

Deal Sourcing

Our deal sourcing process involves derisking and rebranding company structures, systems and processes to make businesses investment ready.

Fund Management

We are experienced in managing and deploying capital which is demonstrated in the growth of our portfolio companies.



BLI Global Capital is an investment management firm focused on impact investing leading to sustainable economic growth and development. We fundraise for seed, angel, venture capital, private equity through our extensive networks with high networth individuals, family offices, private investors, sovereign wealth funds, financial institutions, investment clubs and partnerships with other investment firms. We envision a growing global economy, with our contribution being the backing of economically viable and socially astute investments. We are committed to the long game because we strongly believe that opportunity exists to increase economic productivity and improve people's lives.

We are fully committed to the success of our funds.

  • Active Partner

    We are involved and have a vested interest in the growth and success of our portfolio companies.

  • Diversification

    Our diversification strategy is governed both economies of scale and of scope. We aim to improve the performance of the fund

  • Capacity building

    We build capacity of our companies to outperform. We develop and harness capabilities and capacities

  • Survey and Research

    In emerging markets its always good to keep your ear to the ground and to "look down when you shouldn't and up when you must".

  • Networking

    We build linkages across all frontiers. Building both backward and forward linkages and cross-sector linkages

  • Open Door Policy

    We actively engage with our investors. We maintain an open line of communication with our investors to keep them


We are based on three major funds policy.

  • Green Funds

    Clean and Renewable Innovations
    The Green Fund is focused on investing in smart innovations focused on renewable solutions from clean energy to smart agriculture, with the intent of producing a profit through sustainable business practices.

  • Growth Funds

    Long-Term Returns
    The Growth Fund is a long-term investment fund aimed at financing SMEs and start-ups with a returns strategy of five years. It includes real-estate assets, the transportation and mobility industry,

  • Gains Funds

    Short-Term Returns
    The Gains Fund is structured for short-term investments that will generate quick returns. Typically investments will pay off within 30 days minimum and include the export-import business and fast moving consumer goods.


A right choice that makes the difference to others

  • Business Plan Formation

    We help business owners develop comprehensive and up to per business plans and investment briefs to be considered for investment by our funds and investors. We do this by analysing data provided by business owners and setting realistic annual goals for these companies.

  • Marketing, Branding and Scalability

    The growth and success of a business is determined by their marketing and branding strategy and ability to build traction for their services or products. Our team is skilled in providing marketing assistance for businesses to compete on a macro scale. We do this through leveraging our existing networks for the benefit of the entrepreneur.

  • Investor Readiness

    We review already written business plans to assess investment viability. Upon successful evaluation, we match qualified businesses with appropriate funds and/or interested investors. Our selection criteria for investment can be accessed here.

  • Business Development

    We assist businesses in building capacity through streamlining business systems for efficient operations. Maintaining proper records and periodic reviews is fundamental to ensuring that a company stays on track to achieve its goals. More info on how we engage with businesses can be accessed here.


Our team members

Robert Horne

Robert Horne

CO-Founder/ Managing partner

Maria Horne

Maria Horne

CO-Founder/ Managing partner


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