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Our Approach


We are fully committed to the success of our funds.

  • Active Partners

    We are involved and have a vested interest in the growth and success of our portfolio companies. We engross ourselves into making sure our investments meet set targets by being actively involved in business systems and processes by providing strategic direction and mentorship.

  • Capacity Building

    We build capacity of our companies to outperform. We develop and harness capabilities and capacities of companies to meet their internal set objectives so that they can hit our targets. We do this by building management skills through on-the-go training.

  • Networking

    We build linkages across all frontiers. Building both backward and forward linkages and cross-sector linkages enables us to harness opportunity for growth of our portfolio companies and opens us to larger opportunities for expansion of our portfolio.

  • Diversification

    Our diversification strategy is governed both economies of scale and of scope. We aim to improve performance of the fund through directly improving target objectives of our portfolio companies. This means eventually acquiring companies that add value to the performance ratio of portfolio companies by streamlining business processes or providing ready markets for finished products.management skills through on-the-go training.

  • Survey and Research

    In emerging markets its always good to keep your ear to the ground and to "look down when you shouldn't and up when you must". Thus we carry out a lot of research in the sectors we engage and make it a point to engage with sector leaders and players in the industry we invest. We ensure that we have a comprehensive plan in place and prepare for unexpected setbacks.

  • Open Door Policy

    We actively engage with our investors. We maintain an open line of communication with our investors to keep them up to date even when there is a downturn in performance of a portfolio company. This has helped us retain their trust and our credibility within the investment space.management skills through on-the-go training.