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Our Funds


We are based on three major funds policy.

  • Green funds

    Clean and Renewable Innovations
    The Green Fund is focused on investing in smart innovations focused on renewable solutions from clean energy to smart agriculture, with the intent of producing a profit through sustainable business practices. The ticket size begins from USD 100,000 to USD 1,000,000. The total fund goal is USD 50,000,000 for the first five years after which an increment of five per cent is planned each consecutive year. Performance review of the fund will be conducted every 3 years.

  • Gain Funds

    Short-term returns
    The Gains Fund is structured for short-term investments that will generate quick returns. Typically investments will pay off within 30 days minimum and include the export-import business and fast moving consumer goods. We do not trade in forex because of the volatility of the market. Ticket size begins at USD 50,000 to USD 100,000. We de-risk the investments to ensure our investors receive their principal and premium. Performance review is conducted on a quarterly basis.management skills through on-the-go training.

  • Growth Funds

    Long-term returns
    The Growth Fund is a long-term investment fund aimed at financing SMEs and start-ups with a returns strategy of five years. It includes real-estate assets, the transportation and mobility industry, infrastructure and the consumer industry. Ticket size begins from USD 500,000 and can be structured to a maximum of USD 100,000,000. Performance review for the fund is carried out bi-annually to ensure steady traction and pathway to profit.