We work with startups and SMEs for high positive impact growth​

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Business Plan Formulation
Marketing, Branding and Scalability
We help business owners develop comprehensive and up to per business plans and investment briefs to be considered for investment by our funds and investors. We do this by analysing data provided by business owners and setting realistic annual goals for these companies.
The growth and success of a business is determined by their marketing and branding strategy and ability to build traction for their services or products. Our team is skilled in providing marketing assistance for businesses to compete on a macro scale. We do this through leveraging our existing networks for the benefit of the entrepreneur.
Investor Readiness
Business Development
We review already written business plans to assess investment viability. Upon successful evaluation, we match qualified businesses with appropriate funds and/or interested investors. Our selection criteria for investment can be accessed here.
We assist businesses in building capacity through streamlining business systems for efficient operations. Maintaining proper records and periodic reviews is fundamental to ensuring that a company stays on track to achieve its goals. More info on how we engage with
businesses can be accessed here.

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